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    National Automotive Targeting Network

    Almost 84% of automotive shoppers
    perform their shopping within our network.
    Target them with our new SideKick™ adaptive retargeting web site plugin.

    You can engage our Sidekick™ to the right of your screen now!

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Check out our newest product: the SideKick™

The Leader in Adaptive Retargeting.

Leverage our proprietary network of thousands of automotive websites from across the web to target real in-market buyers.

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    programmatically targeted

    Right Prospect

    Carfeine can rank potential customers with an intent-to-buy score, helping you accurately target whether a prospect is actually in-market to buy a vehicle.
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    dynamically aligned

    Right Vehicle

    Understand who your most likely potential customers are, and deliver highly personalized ads that are aligned with the vehicles they are predicted to purchase.
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    ready to buy

    Right Time

    Eliminate useless marketing to prospects who will never convert, or are not yet in the position to purchase. Carfeine pinpoints the most valuable prospects and markets to them when they are ready.

Engage your automotive customers everywhere!

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    Carfeine tools can be used on visitors when they are on their PCs or Laptops...

  • icon Tablet

    When they are using their mobile tablets for leisure...

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    or during the Zero Moment of Truth on your lot. Engage your prospects wherever they may be shopping you!


Carfeine products are built to be device agnostic. Engage your auto prospects on whatever device they're using.