Skaha Ford

Carfeine partners with Skaha Ford to exceed customer expectations.

"There are always three things that I tell people about Carfeine – their quality, efficiency, and transparency are unmatched!"

Brad Jinjoe, General Manager

New Management, Immediate Results

It’s easy to see why Skaha Ford won the President’s Award for Outstanding Sales and Customer Service in 2018. Brad Jinjoe and his team have a strong commitment to pairing the right person with the right car and to exceed customer expectations.

When Brad took over Skaha Ford last year, inventory turn was slow, they were behind on their market share targets, and they ranked in the lower quartile for their zone. To achieve the levels of success that they have today, Brad had to make a few changes.

The first change was to Skaha Ford’s digital marketing. Brad’s interest in Artificial Intelligence led him to Carfeine and he realized that their platform complemented Skaha’s commitment by placing only relevant car ads in front of the right people when they’re looking for their next car.

It was a decision that paid off. Within the first month, both new and used car sales were up 40%, inventory was turning 3x faster, and the additional traffic required changes to store processes. Skaha Ford was in the Top 10 dealerships and exceeding market share targets for the first time.

While the results were evident by the number of customers coming in and
asking for specific cars that they’ve seen online ads for, Brad values the
transparency that Carfeine provides during regular performance reviews.
Going through the key performance drivers has helped Skaha better
understand what customers want and ensure that they deliver the best
experience at all stages of the journey.


Increased Car Sales


Increased VDP Views




New Ads Produced