AI Powered Digital Marketing

Meet Cara, Our AI Platform

Cara uses thousands of data points to connect dealers & buyers with personalized campaigns improving your Digital Marketing efficiency.

Cara captures car buyers across all digital channels at incredible scale to increase your sales and save you money, using machine learning to form deep neural networks to identify actual car buyers

269K Unique Ads Created per Client

5.4K Optimizations Per Month

$2.50 Average Cost Per Click

14.6% New Car Conversion Rate

Services: Digital Marketing

Connecting Automotive Retailers and Buyers Everywhere

Carfeine Managed Services makes digital marketing more transparent and efficient by using data science to empower dealerships and increase outcomes.

We’ve spent close to two decades in both the automotive & digital marketing industries, and years developing an Artificial Intelligence platform specifically for the automotive industry.


Proprietary Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Platform


Custom campaigns for your dealership that are more efficient and effective


Full Reporting and Campaign Summaries


Dedicated Professional Services Team to answer any questions and partner with you to respond to changing business objectives

Carfeine helps dealerships and OEMs across the US & Canada with their digital marketing.

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